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If you are looking to rehome your dog please fill out the form below.

All UK rescues have extremely long waiting lists.

Before you complete the application to rehome your dog, please consider the following.

What is the GENUINE reason for your request to surrender your dog?

Is it due to your dogs behaviour?

Have you tried absolutely everything to keep your dog in its family home?

When you bought your dog, you took on a 10-15 year commitment. What has changed?

What are the barriers to you keeping your dog?

If you can’t walk him/her anymore please consider asking The Cinnamon Trust, friends, family, BorrowMyDoggy.

If it’s behavioural, it could be because your dog is not neutered or is not getting the correct diet and exercise for your dogs breed.

Have you researched this thoroughly? Is your dog getting the correct levels of exercise and nutrition?

If it’s financial, what else could you give up before your family pet?

Far too many owners are giving up on their dogs way too early, after not having given sufficient thought to that decision.

It is not an option to just give your dog up and expect a charity to pick up the pieces without you having explored ALL OPTIONS TO KEEP YOUR DOG.

Your decision to rehome him/her is a heartbreaking one… usually for the dog more than the owner.

If however you have explored all options and you have no alternative then please complete our form and we will do our best to help you.

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