Everyone meet our next poundie …. Zeus!💛 Zeus sadly found himself in the pound and no one came to claim him back. He is only 18 months years old and is a very handsome lurcher.😍 So far, he hasn’t stepped a paw wrong. He adores people and is very gentle. She’s walks well on his lead and isn’t bothered by traffic. He travels well and jumps in and out of the vehicle without an issue.💜 Zeus was brilliant at the vets and more than happy to say hello to everyone. He loved all the attention he was getting as well. 💙 Currently, he only weighs 17kg and should be around 25kg ish. (hard to say for certain as we don’t know what mix he is)😣💔 He did pass the rest of his health check and will be booked in for neutering once he is at the right weight. 🫶🏼 This lad has been good around the other dogs when travelling, walking and in the kennels. We feel he could live with another dog and dog-savvy children. 🏡🩵 Zeus really is a happy boy who’s deserves a family to call his own. He loves to play and be with you. This lad enjoys human company and watching whatever you’re doing. Once his condition picks up, we feel he will be quite an active lad. 🥰 Please share Zeus so he can find his happy ever after. 🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;