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Everyone say Hi to our poundie .... Zebedee!😍 Zeb has only come in to our care today from the pound, however here’s what we know so far. He is a 2/3 year old collie who is a friendly lad! 💛 This lad has been a such a god lad considering the busy day he has had. He has had a full health which he passed. Zeb needs to gain some weight (around 3kg) but we are sure he will have no problem doing this. He loves his food! Zeb has an old scar that goes over his muzzle and under his jaw!💔 It has fully healed and doesn’t affect him at all, but it must have been sore at some point. 😔 Zeb is a clever lad, he know; 🐶Sit 🐶Down 🐶Paw 🐶Other paw 🐶Gentle 🐶Wait! He always walks well once he has calmed down and isn’t bothered by traffic at all. He will happily go from a walk with anyone. Zeb travels well and adores a fuss. 🐾 He is going to need a home with lots of stimulation especially mental stimulation. A home with experience of a high energy breed is preferred. Someone who has a lot of time and patience to teach this lad everything he needs know about the world!💛 More details and photos to come over the coming days! 💚 Please share far and wide so we can find him her forever home!🤞🏼 Remember to fill in the form below if you’re interested in adopting this lad;