Winnie - brown/white

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ONLY APPLY IF YOU HAVE READ AND FULLY UNDERSTAND WHAT THESE GIRLS NEED. ALL HOMES NEED OTHER NEUTERED DOGS! Everyone meet our next residents….. Winnie (brown/white) and Maggie (sandy)! 💔 Sadly these girls at such a young age have suffered an immense amount of neglect and abuse. We can not give details publicly due an on going prosecution. 🤞🏽 We are going to start opening the applications for these girls however they are in need of very special homes! We will be rehoming them separately however the applications must have other neutered dogs within the household, plus an understanding of the work and patience needed for these girls! 🙏🏼 These girls are 14 month old cockerpoos who have lived outside, never been groomed and had very little food and water! 🤬 When they arrived with us they weighed 5.8kg. They were so neglected that their fur was completely matted and overwhelmingly smelling of urine so we had them groomed immediately. They lost 1kg of matts each but are now gaining weight as they should. Their ideal weight is 11/12kg ish. They were severely dehydrated and starving. They were so weak, they could hardly stand. However with basic care (food, water and tlc) they are coming along well. ❤️‍🩹 Mentally these girls have been through a very traumatic time. When they are scared they freeze, however we haven’t seen one sign of aggression towards a human. Even though it’s humans that did this to them!! 🤬 Both girls travel well and walk well on lead. They are on little and often walks and meals throughout the day. They are picking up housetraining but they still have a fair way to go. Both girls have bonded with their fosterer and slowly learning it’s ok to be on their own. 🤞🏽🙏🏼 We are looking for homes with people who are willing to work with us as a team and get these girls right. They have along way to go mentally and physically however they are warriors and will do!💪🏼 🐶No comments needed about keeping them together. They are very different characters and need different homes to thrive as individuals. This is better for them as they are typical sisters with developing rivalry 🙈🐶 Remember to complete the form below in DETAIL, if you’re interested in adoption;