Scruffy lurcher

Everyone meet our next residents …Whiskey and Bailey!😍 As always, we will not rehome the pups together but will select who’s most suitable per pup, since we know their needs and characters. If you want to apply for both you can be considered for either of them.🙌🏽🐶 Whiskey and Bailey are 9/10 week old scruffy Lurcher pups. We think they will be medium to large size Lurchers. 💪🏼 💙Whiskey - darker grey 💚Bailey - light creams with grey These guys found themselves in our care through no fault of their own and we are now on a mission to find them their forever homes. They need humans with a good understanding of lurchers and the work they require.🌟 They are typical pups, doing everything they shouldn’t. However, they are very clever and are picking up training well, in a short space of them. They are crate-trained and doing well with house training however, this needs to carry on in their forever homes. 🏡 Currently, they are in foster with another dog and a dog-savvy child without any issues. Pups do nip, scratch and chew so please do not have an idealistic picture in your head. These guys are cat-trainable, due to their age however, we will be looking for people who understand prey-drive and have cat-trained a sighthound before.🐱🐶👦 These lads haven’t seen much of normal life, as they were kennelled before coming to us however, they are quickly adapting to the home environment. They are shy for a few moments then turn back into cheeky pups. They travel well and are having time on collar and lead in the garden, to practise walking.🐾🐾 Both lads were good at the vets and passed full health-checks. They are now microchipped, flead/wormed, have started their vaccinations and will go out on a neutering contact - we cover this cost, as always.✂️ Once matured, they will be active dogs who need both mental and physical stimulation. We can tell they are going to be amazing dogs, with the right input. They are stunning pups too.🙌🏽😘 Please share these lads far and wide so they can find their forever homes, full of adventures and love!🏡😍 Remember to compete the form below if you’re interested in adoption: