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Everyone meet …. Waffle!💛 Sadly Waffle was brought back in to our care after being adopted last August. It was stated that Waffle was resource guarding and had separation anxiety issues. Our behavioural sessions were offered but sadly they were declined.💔 Now Waffle has just turned 1 year old and is back in foster with us. He is currently in foster with another dog and he is doing great. Waffle had to go to the groomers as soon as he came in, due to his matted fur. We can’t express strongly enough how critical it is, that you go to a groomer who has the understanding and knowledge of the breed in question. Waffle was a super star throughout his groom but sadly had to be taken right down. He is a now comfy and a lot happier!🐶 This lad is so eager to please, he picking up his training well. Whoever adopts him MUST work with us and continue his basic training plan that he is on.🙌🏽❣️ Waffle has been spotless within in the household, he has basic commands and good manners. He walks well on lead, loves other dogs and adores a cuddle when he is ready!😍 This lad is a fit as fiddle and adores his adventures. Everyone he meets get a loving welcome. He also travels well in the car.🐾 Regarding his Resource guarding we haven’t seen this whilst in foster, we have been able to touch both him and his bowl whilst he is eating. We are able to take toys from him and he shares toys with foster dog. However we feel he is getting the right balance of both mental & physical stimulation, structure and love. This isn’t a hard thing for us to do and has resulted in a happy little Waffle. We do believe if you didn’t give him this, he would behave differently!🐶 The other said behavioural issue was separation anxiety, he is a shadow dog currently however will wait behind a baby gate in one room when you go to another room etc. We are building his time up alone and he is doing well. Waffle is currently sleeping in the bedroom at night however he has his own bed. 🙏🏼 This lad needs a home with someone who understands ALL of his needs both, mentally and physically. Experience of this type of breed his preferred. Children over 12 years old only and all dogs within the household must be neutered unless it’s because of a medical reason.🙌🏽🙏🏼 Please share!🤞🏼 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;