Crossbreed (small)
Older Only

Everyone meet our next residents…….Basil and Vixxy!🦊🐶 These guys sadly came to us via the pound. We believe they are litters mates and were left behind after travellers moved on. They have done their stray period in our foster home and now it’s time to find them their forever homes! 🤞🏼 Please only apply if you have time for a puppy. They are hard work and are at least 10/12 year commitment!!🫣🐶 These guys are around 12 weeks old. We have no idea on their breeds. We are guessing at Pomeranian types. We believe they will grow to be small to medium in size! However we don’t know for sure! 🙈 Each pup has their own personality and we will rehome them based on matching applications to personality of each pup. ❤️‍🩹 Basil is a lovely lad, he is the smaller of the two. We feel he is the runt. However this doesn’t stop him from getting what he wants. 😍 Vixxy is a sassy girl, she’s very switched on and will have her say about everything! She’s always up to something and loves to play fetch. 🥰 Both pups have passed a full health check and will be neutered when old enough as part of the adoption contract. They sleep in a crate over night and when left. They are 90% housetrained and have been in foster with cats and a small dog.🐾 Please note we will NOT be rehoming them as pair. If there are other dogs within the house they MUST BE NEUTERED!!! Remember to complete the form below with as much DETAIL as possible, if you’re interested in adoption;