Large cross breed
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PLEASE ONLY APPLY FOR OUR DOGS IF YOU HAVE GIVEN IT SERIOUS CONSIDERATION AND ALL FAMILY MEMBERS ARE COMMITTED TO THAT DOG FOR THE ENTIRETY OF THE DOGS LIFE. ALSO PLEASE DONT APPLY UNLESS YOU ARE AVAILABLE TO ADOPT STRAIGHTAWAY. DOGS ARE DYING AND WE NEED TO FIND THE RIGHT HOMES QUICKLY. Everyone meet our next resident……Vinny!😍❤️‍🩹 Vinny is one for the big dog lovers. Sadly he was a stray and went to the pound, thankfully he served his stray period and we had a space to bring him in. 👏🏽Reality is at the moment there’s a lot of dogs not being saved after their stray period due to lack of space in rescues up and down the country! And breeders keep breeding and people keep buying pups 💔 We believe Vinny is Great Dane cross Lab however we are not 100%. He is around 1 year to 18 months old and is a big baby. This lad hasn’t seen much in life but it is clear what he has seen hasn’t be positive. He is shy to start and can take a short while to trust….. however once he trusts, he will look for confidence from you 🥰 Vinny is around 50kg and needs to gain some weight. He isn’t as tall as a Great Dane but is still a big lad. He is good with his food, he will sit and wait. Vinny is very food oriented and this is a good tool to get him to trust you and work with you! 🙌🏽 This big youngster was head collar trained within 5 minutes with no food or toy involved. He simply just looks for clear direction. Vinny is clever and has a lot of potential! 💛 So far, he has been happy to walk with or without other dogs. He isn’t bothered by normal traffic but was unsure about the first tractor he saw. By the third tractor, he was fine. Vinny’s more than happy jumping in the car and is good when travelling! This lad is very switched on!😍 Vinny is going to need a home with large breed experience. Someone who understands his needs and a calm environment. 👍🏽 We will give you another update on a few days about this lad and how he is coming on!👌🏼 Remember to compete the form before if you’re interested in adoption;