British bulldog
Middle Aged
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Everyone meet our next resident …. Victoria!💔❤️‍🩹 She is a 6 year old, British bulldog. This girl has such a sad story however it is very sensitive matter. Sadly, her owner passed away and Victoria was found with her owner, after unknown amount of time. Then was taken to a vets who kept her for a few days then contacted us, thankfully we found a foster and she came to us.🥺💔 Victoria is a fab girl, so loyal and gentle. She just takes everything in her stride. When she arrived with us she was tired and confused, however once she realised she was on to a good thing. She came alive!😍🧡 At our vets, she was star. Even falling to sleep whilst she had a full MOT and good clean of her ears, wrinkles and tail pocket, nails were cut too. Shes now booked in to be spayed as well. Throughout the whole assessment she was so calm and trusting. Simply amazing!🫶🏻🎉 In foster, she settled straight in. So far, she’s been housetrained, loves her cuddles and her food. She has been on short walks as it’s clear she’s not used to walking much at all.🥺🐾 Victoria walks well on lead, travels well and simple adores any attention she can get. In foster, she’s with two older dog savvy children without an issue and really has been a star! We can not fault her.😇 We will be assessing her around dogs as her time with us continues. She was fine around them in the vets and on walks, however we will assess her further when she feeling alittle more herself.🐶 We will do another update soon. We have opened applications but please understand, we will NOT be going through the forms until we feel she is ready.🙌🏽 💛 Please share this amazing girl so she can her forever home!🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption: