Older Only

Everyone say Hi to our poundie .... Vera!😍 This girl is fab! She is 14 years old and she is a JRT! However she is amazing for 14 years old. She loves a walk and jumps in and out of the car! 💪🏼 Vera is brilliant with people, in fact she is a cuddle monster. She wants nothing more than to sit with you and have a fuss. 🥰😘 We bathed her yesterday as she was yellow stained, where she should have been white. 😔She had a full healthcheck and passed. We have started her vaccinations too. The vets were amazed by her activity level and her teeth for her age!💚👌🏼 This little lady is good other dogs however if they are in her face a little too much, she will give a small growl! (Which she is more than entitled to!) She loves pottering around the garden and sunbathing too!😇 She is currently in a foster as we learn more about her! Please share her far and wide! 💚 Remember to fill in the form below if you’re interested in this lady.