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Everyone say Hi to our next poundie …… Velma!💔❤️‍🩹 Velma has served her stray time and is now looking for a forever home. Sadly Velma is microchipped but it’s not registered and there are no details on it! ☹️ This girl is around 2 years old, probably a little younger if anything and she’s an Akita. She’s only small for an Akita and weighs 34 kg. ❤️‍🩹 Velma is one of the happiest, most friendly dogs we have ever had in. She absolutely loves people and she can’t keep still when you are walking towards her kennels. It’s not just a bum wiggle, it’s a fully body wiggle!😂😍 She’s has walked with other dogs no issues but we haven’t left her off lead around other as of yet. We will do that in due course. This girl adores seeing the world on her walks, she’s strong to start but soon settles. She’s brilliant in her Gencon now. 🐾 Velma is fab in the car and happily jumps in. This girl has a lot to give and she’s clearly going to go far with the right people. We feel she could live with savvy children, however the Akita breed isn’t for the faint hearted. Please apply if you have Akita or similar breed experience.🤞🏽❣️ At the vets, she was a star. Velma greeted everyone like a long lost friend. Shes a healthy girl so we just need to get on top of her fur loss. So she’s on some antibiotics and medicated baths to see how this goes. However she isn’t itchy or sore. The rescue will cover the cost for skin treatment until it’s under control and we know what it is. 💜 Someone is going to be extremely lucky to have this girl in their life, she’s a young, friendly, active, funny girl with the world at her paws! 💪🏼 Please share far and wide so Velma can find that perfect forever home!❣️ Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;