Cocker spaniel
Middle Aged

Everyone meet our next resident ….. Tully 🧡 Tully is 4-5 year old cocker spaniel who’s sadly always lived in an outdoor kennel. Thankfully her owner realised that her daily exercise and stimulation needs weren’t being met and neither were her grooming needs.😞 However her owner did the right thing and she’s now in our care. Tully is sweet girl who adores a cuddle just as much as an adventure.❣️ Tully has been to the groomers and she was a star. She must feel so much better now! She’s had to have short cut due to the matting on her ears and body. She’s also now booked in for spaying and re start of her vaccinations. No more pups for her.🫶🏼 This girl hasn’t seen much of the world but she’s taking it her stride….. in fact she’s loving it! 🥰 Tully really does love the country lanes and taking in all the new smells and experiences. 🐾 Tully needs a lifestyle of love, learning and adventure. Someone willing to put the effort in…. she will give whatever you put in and more!♥️ She’s good in the car and fine in traffic. She’s happy to be handled and was really good at the groomers. Tully really needs a home where she can be part of a family unit.❤️‍🩹 So far she’s been good with other dogs and good with people. It was said that she’s good with children and she’s cat trainable. However we don’t know this for sure yet. ❣️ Please share far and wide.🙌🏽 Remember if you’re interested in adoption, to complete the form below;