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Everyone meet our next poundie.... Tommy!😍 This young lad has only just come in to our care so we will give more updates and information about him as time goes on. However so far this is what we know; Tommy is young collie who is approximately 6 /8 months old! He hasn’t had an easy ride, he is underweight and a quite nervous. However we have seen no aggression whatsoever. He simply hasn’t seen the world! He is more nervous of men however he comes around within minutes once he realises they aren’t going to hurt him!💔 This lad has been fab with other dogs and is ok with basic commands. He is good in the van however we had to lift him in to it, we are sure he will be jumping in it once he realises that it’s a positive thing! 💚 Tommy has passed a full health check and was a diamond at the vets. He adores fuss and cuddles! Once he trusts you (it’s only takes a few minutes!) he loves you!🥰 We are looking for an active home with collie experience. He needs home which is going to stimulate him both mentally and physically!💙 Please this guys get him the home he deserves! 🤞🏼🐶 Remember to fill in the form below if you’re interested in adoption;