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Everyone meet our next resident ...... Toffee!💛 This little girl is fab. She is happy and confident, how pups should be!🐶 Toffee is doing well in her foster and enjoys being with other dogs. She is more than happy being handled too! This girl is fab at travelling and crate-trained!💜 We believe Toffee is going to medium size dog when she is full grown. She is approx 4/5 months old now and doing well! She is a good eater and very food focused which is a great training method!😍 Someone will be very lucky to have her in their family! She is going to be a great addition to someone life. Toffee is only young so needs a lot of time and effort spend with her! We are looking for someone who is committed to her training and socialisation.💚 Please share this little lady far and wide and get him the home she deserves!🙏🏼🏡