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Everyone say hello to our next resident… Toby!💚 This guy has come on amazingly well……which is all due to his dedicated fosterers 🙏 They have shown this guy the world and what it has to offer. Toby is loving it! 🐶 Now it’s time for us to find him the forever home he needs….. somewhere he can continue to improve. Toby is a shy but very happy lad. 😘🥰 He is getting fitter every day. Currently he is doing around 1.5 hours of walking throughout the day. This is split up in to two or three walks. This lad is having a dental and neutering tomorrow.🙏🏼🐾 Toby LOVES company! Whether that is human or canine. We are looking for a home where Toby can be the centre of someone’s world and where he has a lot of company. ❤️He isn’t too good at being left alone. However this will improve over time with some training. Please only complete the form below if you are suitable and feel you can offer this little lad the life he deserves: