Cocker spaniel

Everyone meet our next resident
. Timmy!đŸ¶ Timmy is a 10 month old Cocker Spaniel. However Timmy has found himself in our care due to a one off incident which will be explained in more detail at the interview stage of adoption process. However this does mean he needs to live with teenagers plus. 💛 This guy is a typical spaniel, he doesn’t stop. His mind and body go 100mph constantly. 🙈 meaning we need someone with experience and understanding of the breed and their needs. Both mental and physical. đŸŸ Timmy is now in foster and doing great. He is crate trained and this is to be carried on when adopted. He loves his crate and it’s his safe spot. Timmy sleeps in his crate all night without an issue. He is house trained and travels well. đŸ„° Timmy does need more lead work. This is the main point of work for this lad. He has good recall and simply enjoys life! He is brilliant with other dogs and used to attend doggy day care regularly without any issues.đŸ¶ Before applying make sure you meet the Criteria; time for a young, active breed, no children, effort to put in to training, understanding of the breed. Remember if you’re interested in adoption complete the form below with as much detail as possible;