Tilly - Pup


Everyone meet our next resident….Tilly!💔❤️‍🩹 Tilly is approximately four month old lurcher pup. Sadly she was brought in to our care due to no fault of her own. More details will be given at the interview stage.🐶 Tilly is a lovely, calm girl who as slotted straight in to her foster home. She has only been in a house for the last week or so but she is picking up house training well.🥰 In her current foster home there’s another dog and a dog savvy 7 year old and she’s been fabulous with both! She travels well in the car and loves cuddles!😍 We know this girl has not had a good start in life 😓….But that’s all changing now. At the vets she was brilliant, she was more than happy being handled and having her injection. 🖤 Sadly it is clear that this girl has had to fight for her food. We also noticed her limping on her left back leg. This has been X-rayed and shows Tilly needs an operation to reattach her growth plate and there’s a fracture in her tibia. It’s likely due to high impact incident and the scar on her head looks like a cigarette burn. 🤬 As a rescue we will be covering the bill of £2500 for her leg to be fixed. Vets advise that she will then live a full and healthy life! Whoever has this girl needs to be able to offer her a forever home which is safe and secure. 🤞🏽🧡 Please share far and wide!🤞🏽 Before you complete the adoption form please understand she is at least a 10 year commitment. Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;