Tilly - Collie

Middle Aged
Older Only

Everyone meet our next resident ……Tilly❣️ Sadly Tilly has found herself back in our care after 5 months of adoption. This adoption didn’t work out due to Tilly’s nervous behaviours escalating and more importantly the adoptive family not asking US for help. However thankfully, we have managed to place her back in the foster home she was originally in, once we had re assessed her.❤️‍🩹 This girl hasn’t had a good start in life, she’s 6 and a half years old and was passed from pillar to post before arriving with us. It was clear she was nervous of any fast movements made my humans!😞🤬 Tilly is spotless in the house, travels well, crate trained and enjoys her walks. This girl is head collar trained and muzzle trained however, we haven’t had to use a muzzle with her. 🐶 This girl needs a very special home…..people with lots of love and patience and a true understanding of her and her needs. Mostly importantly someone who will work with us and Tilly so she can have her best chance! 🤞🏽 Tilly has been a good girl in her foster home. The basic training plan has helped her, the fosterers also following the plan is making it a lot easier for Tilly to understand. 🖤 This girl is scared if you stand up fast or move your hand too quickly. However it’s all about trust and her knowing you’re not going to hurt her. Equally she has her bed which is her safe spot and structure within her life which makes her feel more secure.🐾 When walking Tilly can be reactive to dogs, however with the headcollar - she’s alot better and easier to correct if needed. Tilly mirrors the level of confidence that her handler gives off! ❤️‍🩹 Please share far and wide so we have the best chance of find this girl that special home she needs!🤞🏼🤞🏼 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;