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Everyone meet Terri!😘 This girl is our latest poundie!🙁! She is approx 10 years old and is a lovely little girl! 😍 As you can see Terri has a rather large mass on her side which has now been removed. The vets have comfirmed it’s a fatty lump!:) This girl is ok in health. Her heart is fine and she has started her vaccinations!❤️ This little lady adores people and is brilliant with all breeds of dogs! She loves her adventures in the car and is quite an active girl! She loves nothing more than a good walk in the country side! 🐾 Terri can jump in and out if the car and seems to be housetrained as well! This little lady needs a loving home with plenty of TLC! She adores human company!🏡 Please share Terri far and wide so she can have a home before Christmas!💕