Springer x shihtzu
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Everyone say hi to our next resident …. Teddy!💔❤️‍🩹 This lad is a springer x shihtzu who’s 1 year old. He is stunning lad who is extremely nervous but has come along faster than we could have imagined. He is doing brilliantly, but has a long road ahead.🤞🏽💙 Teddy has been rehomed privately many times!! This has left him unsure and nervous of new people. He adores other dogs and is good in the house! In foster he takes a lot of confidence from his canine foster sister!🐶🏡😇 When he’s out and about, he adores sniffing and running around in the fields. However  he is scared in busier areas with people, traffic and general life. He is improving well and walks very well on a sliplead now.🐾 Teddy is very spaniel like, he is extremely clever and used his nose a lot. He adores to play with his toys and is a good eater. He is enjoying doing basic commands and obedience!🖤 This dinky lad is going to need a home with people who are empathic to his situation yet, not going allow it to hold him back. They need to work with our team and carry on his training plan so between us he can have the best life possible. 🫶🏻 The main thing is this lad needs his FOREVER home. This HAS to be his final move. He can not keep moving around, this is very damaging for him and the reason he is so nervous and unsure of the world!🥺 We have opened applications but please understand, we will NOT be going through the forms until we feel he is ready.🙌🏽 Please share this stunning lad so he can find his forever home.🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption: