Everyone say hi to our next poundie……. Teddy!🧡 This lad has done his stray time and is now with us for rehoming. Please share so we can find him the forever home he deserves!🙏🏼 Teddy is a lurcher who’s more whippet sized. He is microchipped and Teddy is his name on it. His date of birth is ….. so he is only a young lad. Not one yet!💔 Since being in our care Teddy has been fabulous! He has taken everything in his stride and just cracked on with what’s been asked.👌🏼 This lad has been fab on his walks and all the volunteers love him. He is comfortable walking with or without dogs and happy around traffic.🐾 Teddy will jump in the back of the car and loves watching the world go by. He’s passed a full healtcheck and is booked in the neutering next week.🙌🏽 He needs an active home with someone who loves to have fun and adventures. Teddy loves a cuddle at the end of the day when he’s tired. We know we can find him the forever home he needs!👌🏼 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;