Cocker x Bichon
Older Only

Everyone say hi to our next resident .... Teddy! 💚 Teddy came in to our care a for a few different reasons. However it was in Teddy’s best interest. More details will be disclosed at when we invite prospective adopters to meet him 🙏🏼 The main reason Teddy was signed over to us was his lack of housetraining (mostly in the household with another dog and children) However when he went to another family members home, this wasn’t an issue. Also he has been known to resource guard a few items. Teddy has had 2 owners having been sold when he was 1 after they had him from a pup ☹️ Since being in foster Teddy has been an absolute super star! He hasn’t had one accident, sleeps in his crate all night without an issue, he loves everyone he meets. Teddy is full of energy and life. 🧡 He is nearly 2 years old and is a cocker spaniel cross bichon frise! This lad needs his brain and body exercised EVERYDAY. A walk ISNT enough 🐾 Teddy has been brilliant with other dogs he has met however we are looking for a home as an only dog....we feel that his previous toileting issue was due to their being another dog in the household. Also, due to previous issues with resource guarding we are saying older children only ( in this case 12 years plus). 👌🏼 Please understand that Teddy is a very clever boy! We are looking for a home with the time, effort and patience this lad. As a rescue we need someone who is going to work with us and Teddy to reach his full potential! 🐶 Remember when completing this form to complete it with as much detail as possible;