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Everyone meet our next resident …. Ted!💙 Ted is a 12 week old Jack Russel terrier. Sadly his owners have made a very tough decision due to unforeseen circumstances. The breeder was contacted and refused to have Ted back. We will deal with this appropriately in due course. 🐶 This lad is a typical pup; he chews, bites and scratches. He is a very clever lad who is pretty much puppy pad trained. 🙌🏽 Ted is in foster care with cats and a small dog. He is fine with the other resident dog and he is just curious about the cats. He can be wary of men at first but comes around well.😘 He has passed a full health check and had his first vaccination. Due to only just having his first vaccination he can not be walked for a month until his 2nd vacc 🤞🏼 We are looking for a home with an understanding of the needs of pups and terriers. He is a 15 year plus commitment. Terriers are high energy and clever little dogs.🐾 Please complete the form below with as much information at possible; https://almosthome.dog/adopt/ ( Yes and No answers won’t be considered)