Middle Aged

Everyone meet our next poundie….. Ted!❤️‍🩹 Ted is a lovely lurcher who’s 9 years old. We can’t believe he found himself as a stray, he’s a true gentleman. He’s not done one thing wrong since being with us.😇 This lad has been fab with everyone he has met. He adores being cuddled and fussed. Ted is more than happy to be groomed and handled. Anyone can go in his kennels and get him out to go for a walk.🫶🏼 On his walks, he adores people watching and meeting new friends. He is good with dogs - little and large. Ted is good on lead and enjoys a good walk or a few shorter walks.🐾🐾 This gentleman was exactly that, at the vets. Said hello to everyone in the waiting room and his tail didn’t stop wagging throughout his vet trip. He’s passed his healthcheck with flying colours. We have restarted his vaccinations and he is book in to be neutered.✅ Ted travels wells and does enjoy plodding around the paddock. He’s been enjoying the sun too! We feel he could with dog savvy children and possibly another dog.🫶🏼💙 Please share this true gentlemen far and wide so he can find his forever home. 🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;