Everyone say hello to Tatty!💚 This lad is a stunning rough coat lurcher who is 2 years old. He is fab with children and dogs! He adores his walking and walks well on lead too. Tatty loves travelling in the car too. 🐾 Tatty is housetrained and generally calm in the house. He adores his cuddles and fusses. He can be left for a few hours on his own in the house too - better if he is left after a walk! 😍 Tatty loves being out and about on adventures. He adores water of any type - lake, river, pond or paddling pool. He is full of character and he will make you laugh thats for sure. 😋 This big lad cant be rehomed aorund small furies and needs a home with a family who have got sighthound expereince and are fully aware of the chracter traits of the breed! 🐶 Please share this stunning lad far and wide! 🙏🏼🏡