Hunterway cross
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Everyone meet our next poundie ….. Tara! 🫶🏼 This girl was found as a stray and handed in. Sadly no-one came for her do she is out of the pound, in our care in foster 👍🏽 Tara is a 12-14 week old Hunterway cross pup. She’s full of attitude!! She’s a typical pup…. into everything and anything. This little lady is very food driven. 🙈 Since coming in to our care she’s been around dogs and people. Tara has been good with people however can be mouthy like any pup. 👀 She’s very full on with other dogs, inquisitive and strong willed however this will settle as she grows up and learns how to behave. She’s currently in foster with a few other dogs who are going to show her the way. 👍🏽 Tara is a very bright girl and quick to learn. She’s been good in the car and happy in a crate. She’s getting used to having a collar and lead on too.🐾 This lively and bold lady needs a home with an understanding of hunterways or similar breeds. They are active, bright and stubborn. They are so clever that easily get bored of normal dog games like fetch etc. Whoever takes this girl on needs to understand the commitment level needed for the next 10 plus years!🤞🏽 Please share far and wide so she can find the perfect forever home.❤️‍🩹 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;