Everyone meet our next resident….. Tara!❤️ Tara is a tiny little mite who will be a diva in no time. She has a very good way of wrapping people around her paw!😂 She’s a sweet girlie whos just turned 3 years old. Over time once she’s gained her confidence, we can see her ruling the roost. Even though she’s only dinky she fills a room with personality. Tara is shy to start with but loves playing and loves a fuss! 😘 Tara adores her walks, she will walk solo or with other greyhounds. She is super excited at the beginning but soon settles and is learning to be calm when she gets into the walk 🐾 She travels well and loves learning about her new world. Tara eats well and is slowly gaining weight. She’s quite an active girl who adores being out and about!💛 Remember to complete form below if you’re interested in adoption;