Lurcher mix
Older Only

Everyone meet our next poundie….Taco!😍 Taco was found in carrier bag outside a shop. He has served his stray period in one of our foster homes and now it’s time to find him his new forever family! ❣️ This little lad is around 10 weeks old. We have no idea what combination of breeds he is. However we do believe there’s some lurcher in him. When he came in, it was clear he had a rough start in life. He was full of worms, underweight and very scared. 💔😣 However fast forward a week and he is now a healthy weight, no worms and being a normal puppy…… causing trouble!!🙈 Taco is currently in foster with another dog and cats. He is fab with both, however if the cat runs he will chase - he can only be rehomed with dog savvy cats! 🐱🐶 This lad has taken to crate training well and is nearly there with his house training. He is a very clever lad and gets bored easily!! Taco needs a home which is active but will exercise him both mentally and psychically. 🥰 Sadly when Taco arrived he was in self defence mode whenever he wasn’t sure about something. 😣 However this is getting better but now and then, if he spooks himself he goes back to self defence mode, meaning he can get snappy and a little grumpy 💔This is getting less and less every day. For this reason we will only rehome to households with teenagers plus.🐶 We believe Taco would do great with another dog(s) in the house to show him the way. It is highly likely he left his mother and his litter way too soon and has not learnt enough from his mum and siblings 💔 Please share far and wide. Remember to complete the form below with as much details as possible, to be considered to adopt Taco;