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Foster report; Raff and Suzy are an absolute joy to foster😊😊 They are both really gentle souls and are very affectionate - Suzy loves being stroked and leans in to you with her head on your lap, while Raff enjoys his ears being scratched and they both love being brushed. They are so easygoing and spend most of the time sleeping - they settle really well and have been spotless in the house. They are also a joy to walk - both of them are really good on the lead and, despite their age, they can both move pretty fast! They enjoy car rides and are so quiet you wouldn't know they were there! I love how they follow me out to the garden to check out what I'm doing that's more important than being with them! We can happily leave them in the house for a while but it's such a reward when they welcome you home. Raff and Suzy really deserve a loving forever home for their twilight years - they are such sweet characters and wonderful laid back companions 😊 Everyone meet our next residents ....Suzy and Raff!🧡❤️ Both Suzy and Raff find themselves in our care due to the ill-health of their owner. Suzy is 12 years old and Raff is 14 years old. They have always lived together and therefore we need to find them their forever home together.💛 These guys are so sweet and chilled. It’s been a big move for them going from the original home into foster home however they are starting to adapt well. They love nothing more than plodding around the park and lots of fuss.🐶😘 On their assessment, they were fine with other dogs and love to just plod around the garden. Both travel well in the car and walk okay on lead. They are spotless in the house and sleep downstairs without an issue. They are both absolute sweethearts who deserve to find the perfect retirement home.❤️ Due to their age and weight (slightly over weight) they do have a little stiffness and Suzy has a fatty lump. The vets are not worried about it at all. Raff is on medication - one tablet daily to help with his stiffness. Completely deaf, not brilliant eyesight and a fatty lump however no one has told them 😁and they are both happy! 💛💙 Please share far and wide so we can find them their forever retirement home. 🙏🏼 Please complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption. However, please ensure you put as much information in to the form as possible;