Everyone meet our latest poundie Suzie!💛 This girl is only dinky, however has a lot of character! Suzie has only just come in to our care today from the pound. Therefore we will know more about her over the coming days, here is what we know so far; Suzie is nearly 4 years old and ex racing greyhound. She is great at travelling and will happily jump in and out of the van. She is brilliant with people and is a tiny bit shy at the moment. Her confidence will grow over the next few days!💛 This girl has been brilliant at her vet check, she is happy to handled by strangers etc. Suzie passed her full health, and she is booked in for spaying. She needs to gain some condition of her cost however apart from that is fine! Nothing a bit of TLC won’t sort!❤️ Since Suzie has arrived she has taken everything in stride. She has been brilliant with other dogs on and off lead. This girl loves her walks and walks very gently on lead too.🐾