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PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL FAMILY MEMBERS HAVE THOUGHT SERIOUSLY ABOUT ADOPTION AND YOU ARE AVAILABLE TO ADOPT IMMINENTLY. Everyone meet our next poundie……Suki!💔 Suki is one of the sadder cases we have taken in this year. From the information we have, it is likely she is in this situation due to the demand from the British public for puppies and the back street breeders continuing to cash in on this since the covid boom 😡😓 Suki is around 5 years old and arrived after being a stray. It took the warden a while to catch her due to how scared she is of humans! 💔 Sadly she has no chip so we have no -one to go to regarding her ownership or history and no name. When she arrived with us, this poor girl still had milk! It’s clear she’s been shut away from society and bred from maybe several times. Suki crawls on her belly towards you.😔 Since coming in to our care, Suki has been a star. Everything is petrifying to her but she does it in her own time. At the vets she was a good girl and passed a full health check. She’s booked in to be spayed as soon as her milk as dried up and we feel she can cope. Suki has started her vaccinations, been chipped, flead and wormed. We haven’t seen one show of negative behaviour…. How wonderful she has been given the diabolical life she must have had so far ❤️‍🩹 She loves to do small walks with other confident dogs. We are looking for a home for Suki with another neutered, calm and confident dog, or a home with social opportunities with other dogs and detailed experience of nervous / abused rescue dogs. She is too scared of children ☹️ We are still learning about this girl so please do keep an eye out for her updates. Suki is spaniel cross so once confident she will need a good exercise program.🖤 Please share her far and wide!🙌🏽 Please ensure you meet the criteria before applying. If you don’t meet this, you won’t be considered. Remember to complete the form below with DETAIL if you’re interested in adoption;