Small cross breed

Everyone meet our next poundie ……Stevie!🧡 Stevie is terrier mix who’s approximately 1 year old. He’s only a dinky little dude however he is full of fun. Sadly he found himself as an unclaimed stray. He’s now in our care and it’s our mission to find him a forever home. 🤞🏽 This little lad has been a star since arriving in our care. He’s a good all rounder! Stevie has been brilliant with people, good being handled and adores a fuss. Anyone can go into his kennel and take him for a walk.🐾🐾 Stevie loves walks around the country lanes. He isn’t bothered by traffic or passing people or dogs. He is learning how to walk one side, at the moment everything is very exciting!😍 So far, he’s been good around other dogs. He’s happy to walk with or without other dogs. Stevie says hello, polity to dogs then moves on. We haven’t done any off lead yet but we will do once he’s settled and is neutered.🧡 This little dude is very clever and has a bright future in the right hands. He needs an active home where he’ll have lots of adventures. Stevie is fab at travelling and happily watches at the window. This boy could possibly live with dog savvy children.💛 Please share this lad far and wide!🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form if you’re interested in adoption;