Border Collie
Middle Aged
Older Only

Everyone say hi to our next Poundies ..... Steve 💙 This guy is a heartbreaker who has clearly not had a good life. 😭💔 Steve is a border collie who’s around 9 years old, who came in to our care yesterday from the pound. He is a very quiet and a tad shy. However he is the sweetest lad you could wish to meet!😍 Since being with us, he has been fab! He has been to the vets and then in to an foster home without any issues. In the foster home, it was clear this was his first time in a house, however he adapted well. He had his first bath was well. 💙 Steve passed a full health check, he just need to gain some muscle and weigh. He is booked in for neutering as well. Sad he doesn’t have many front teeth, he has wore them down, sadly like to be on a chain or a kennel. This doesn’t affect him, he eats well and hasn’t chewed at all when with us. All the vets fell in love with him. He was a star!😘 Steve loved going in the car and travels well. He enjoys his walks and seeing the world. He seems good with dogs and people. 🐶 This lad needs a understanding home who are willing to love him as much as we do and show him the lovely side of the world. Someone with a quiet home with a lot of love and a little patience!🤞🏼 Please fill in the form below if you’re interested in adoption.