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Please say hi to our next resident Stanley....... who is a 7 month old Dachshund......and sadly an unwanted ‘lockdown’ pup. This little chappie, who is a Blue Dapple, is the misunderstood product of greedy breeders and owners who did not do their research and wanted a small pretty dog 😡 Stanley is nervous at first but more confident when he is in the right environment for him. Stanley has a very long and low body and has a loud bark. This breed is very watchful, loyal and can be stubborn 😁 They can also have some severe and expensive medical issues, so we would respectfully insist that the successful applicants are able to cover any future medical bills by insuring him. Please note WE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM ANYONE WITHOUT SOME EXPERIENCE OF DACHSHUNDS. Stanley is in foster care and we will be learning more about his personality over the coming days.