Staffie x terrier
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Everyone meet our next resident …. Spud!😍🥺 Spud is an 8 week old staffie x terrier pup. He is everything he should be, full of life, sass and character! He has been in foster since arriving in our care a couple of weeks ago!💔❤️‍🩹 As many know, here at Almost Home Dog Rescue we believe pups needs to start their first 10 weeks of life with her mother and litter mates to develop essential life skills. Sadly this lad never got the chance but he has been in foster with a nanny dog (Narny😍) and has come along brilliantly. However we are only going to rehome in a  household with other neutered dog(s). 🐶 When he arrived, he was full of worms, very unsure of himself and not the happy puppy we should be seeing at his age. At his initial emergency trip to the vets he was brilliant. Spud then had a few days to start feeling better and then passed a full follow up assessment, started his vaccinations, had his flea & worm treatments and has been mirchochipped. He will be on a neutering contract and as always, we will cover the cost!✂️✂️ This lad is so clever. He adores playing, loves his food and naps with his big dog bestie. He has a good routine at the moment and we expect this to be continues by his adopters. This little guy is crate trained too so he is learning that being on his own is ok and it also helps him with housetraining too!🏡💚 He is now used to all normal household noises, good in the car and has had a bath or two! Spud is developing quickly and  getting stronger each day. He is confident around people and is trainable with cats. However you have to be prepared to put the work in! 🙌🏽 Spud is brill in everyway but he is a puppy- they bite, chew and toilet where they shouldn’t. He is going to need lots of training, stimulation and socialisation. This lad is 10-15 year commitment please consider this before applying. When applying add plenty of detail to your form!🤞🏽⭐️ Please share this running little guy far and wide so he can find his forever home!🫶🏻 Remember to complete the  form below if you’re interested in adoption;