Older Only

Everyone say hello to … Sparky! 🐶 This lad has had a colourful past and it’s time for us to get him the forever home he deserves. Sadly he was originally brought in to our care due to being booked in at the vets to be put to sleep for chewing a table leg, when he was left for the first time on his own. 💔 We brought him in and put him in foster. He was then adopted, however sadly brought back due his usual behaviour. After further assessments and investigations. It has come to light that Sparky has hip dysplasia. The vets have assured us, at this stage he is is ok and there are no signs of arthritis. Therefore the correct management, he should live a happy and full life!🐾 Since being back with us in foster, Sparky has come on well. He is crate trained and has quiet time in there. He also sleeps in there and left with kong, if his fosters pop out. Sparky loves his crate time!💙 Sparky is fab with other dogs, however we think he better as only dog or possibly with an older dog. This is so he can have quiet time and not over exercise or excite himself. He loves his walks and learning new things. He is spotless in the house and loves a fuss when he wants one!🥰 We are saying older children as when he is tired, he can be a little narky, however this is improving well. He is back in the vets for a check up and neutering next week. We suspect Sparky’s issues are due to poor breeding by greedy back yard money grabbers or from a pup farm where the only consideration is cash, not the welfare on the pups or breeding dogs! If you insist on going to a breeder, do your research! Please only complete the form below if you are suitable and feel you can offer this lad the life he deserves: