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Everyone meet our next resident ….. Sophie!💔❤️‍🩹 Sophie is approx 11 years old and is a Cockerpoo who found herself in our care via the social housing team. Sadly her owner become too poorly to look after her. She hasn’t left the flat since before Christmas. This has resulted in her physical and mental needs not being met.💔😔 This girl was heavily matted, but was groomed before we picked her up. She spent some time on her own with people popping in on her. However when we collected her, it was clearly she needed urgent vet treatment.😔 Sophie was a good patient at the vets, even though she had just met us and was unsure of the world. Thankfully her eyes are treatable however the situation was also completely avoidable had she been to the groomers regularly. At the moment, she’s on drops for her eyes and regular cleaning. Once the medications have stopped and she gains weight she can also have a much needed dental 🫶🏼😘 She is currently 6.7kg and should be 13-15kg 😞 Sadly Sophie is a nervous dog who may have experienced a few negative things throughout her life. However she’s now in foster and loving the attention and home comforts. So far she’s been great with dogs and good with people…. however you need to allow her to come to you. She’s very shy in new situations. 🫶🏼 We are looking for a home where this girl can be loved and cared for. She could live with another dog, depending on the mix. Someone to adore her and make sure she never gets neglected again. 🏡😍 Please share this little girl far and wide so we can find her, the retirement home she deserves. 🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;