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Update on Sniffles; This girl has been a little star since arriving our care. However it was clear she was underweight and generally out of condition. Her skin was sore. Shes been used for breeding and then ended up in the pound at the age of 6 years old. Just after the puppy market crashed.💔 Sadly it’s become clear that this girl needs BOAS to help her be able to live a normal life. Her skin is doing well however her weight is dropping. This is because when she eats she’s sick and she can’t handle too much food or water at once. Sadly this is due to the over breeding of Frenchies and other flat faced breeds.🤯😖 This girl is doing so well in foster, she’s the sweetest thing. Spotless in the house, gentle and very loving. Adores going out in the car and her small walks. However she had a review at the vets today and we have all agreed it’s in her best interest for the operation to go ahead.🫶🏼🙏🏼 So far, we have vaccinated, flead, wormed and had her booked in to be spayed which can’t be done now until after her BOAS operation. We have had to have this operation completed before on our residents due to over breeding and we need people to know! 🫵🏻 This operation isn’t cheap (£2500ish), it’s a big operation and it is to ensure they can breathe and eat. Basics things that humans greed have made it near impossible for this girl and many others to do. All because of aesthetics.💔 Please send positive thoughts for this girl! Also please share so that others know what to look for. This girl doesn’t deserve this and it’s likely all the pups she’s had will suffer too. It’s not just frenchies….. bulldogs, pugs and most flat face breeds suffer!😔 Everyone meet our next poundie ….. Sniffles!😇 This girl sadly found herself in the pound after someone had bred her and neglected her. Her ears are in an appalling state and she’s got patches of skin which are very sore too. 😖 Sniffles is 6 years old and a Frenchie. She’s been in a foster home since coming in to our care. It’s evident this girl has suffered for a long time with her skin and no one has treated her. 💔 At the vets she’s was a good girl and allowed the vets to properly assess her. She’s underweight, got dry and chronic skin and ears. We have booked her in to be spayed and then give her a thorough once over when sedated. We started her vaccinations and she’s had a medicated bath🙏🏼😇 She’s a sweet girl who loves to be near to you. Sniffles is good on lead and happy out and about walking. We feel she should be better as an only dog where she can get undivided attention. ♥️ Sniffle travels well and is starting to really relax in the home now. She’s the perfect house guest snd she’s spotlessly clean. This girl really needs someone to rely on. Someone who will show her the worlds a good place so she understands that she’s safe.🫶🏼 We feel a calm and relaxed environment will help her come out of her shell and enjoy life. She’s so desperate for someone to love. 🤞🏽 Please share Sniffles so she can finally be loved!❤️‍🩹 Remember to compete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;