whippet x

Everyone say hello to super smithy!😘 As some of you know Smithy came in to the rescue in Spring last year with his brother Mally! They were saved from the pound however were in a mess mentally, physically and emotionally and had scars to prove it 😔🤬 Over time, their confidence improved and their characters came out! Mally was rehomed first, he was a little bit more trusting than Smithy who stayed with us for another month..... rehoming a Black Lurcher isn’t easy! Then the best thing happened, we found Smithy a home! He had a older canine sister who we hoped would show him the way! 🙏🏼 However 9 months after this adoption, Smithy is back! The dynamics within the home just didn’t work. We must stress that none of this was Smithy’s fault. Smithy is now in a foster home with another canine sister and doing fabulously! Here at Almost Home Dog Rescue we are looking for someone to love Smithy like we do! 💚 Smithy is fab lad who approx 3 years old. He is a whippet mix who adores people and other dogs! He is perfect in the house and happy to be left for a few hours! Smithy travels well and loves his walks! He is a active dog and will happily play with other dogs. Smithy walks extremely well on lead and is pretty good off lead!👌Most of all this lad adores his fusses and cuddles, we simply can’t fault him! He is a very soulful dog 💛 This lad has also been out with Joggy doggy and they adore him. Their write up about Smithy is in the pics!💜🐾 This lad needs to find his FOREVER home! We all adore Smithy at the rescue and he has a huge fan base! 💙 So let’s get Smithy a forever home!🙏🏼