Crossbreed - Spaniel x Terrier
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Everyone meet our next resident…..Skye!❤️‍🩹❣️ This girlie is 2 years old and crossbreed. Said to be cocker spaniel x terrier. She was brought in to our care due to not getting on well with the younger family members. However when meeting this girl, it is clear she hasn’t seen much of the world. She’s one very scared girl!💔 Since coming in to our care her confidence is growing now however she’s going to take some time. Whoever adopts her, needs to give her time and space so she can trust and build a positive bond! 🙏🏼😘 This girl has passed a full check health and weighs in at just 8kg. She needs to gain some weight and muscle. She’s booked in to be spayed. ❣️ When out walking Skye wants to meet other dogs but then gets scared again. However with reassurance she is more than happy walking with new people and other dogs. She travels well in car. 🙌🏽 We are looking for an understanding home for Skye with experience of rescue or nervous dogs. No young children, as she’s easily spooked.💔 Please share far and wide! We will be doing another update over the coming days!🐾 Please remember to complete the form below, if you’re interested in adoption;