Everyone meet our next resident ….. Skippy!💙 This lad is a greyhound who’s 3 years old and been rescued from racing. He only had 9 races and they decided he was too slow! Which is fab for him as he is out of the industry! And proof the industry needs to stop! 💪🏼❣️ Skippy has been good with people and around the other dogs in kennels. We are going to small dog test him soon too. Sadly, he isn’t suitable to live with small furries.🐶 He walks well on lead and happily jumps in and out of the van. Skippy enjoys his walks and loves the sun! He would happily sunbath all day if you let him.🌞 This lad has been good with all the people he has met. He’s a confident lad who could live with dog savvy children. He loves his food and really is enjoying the freedom he now has.🫶🏼 Please share this stunning lad far and wide so he can find his forever family and finally be a family member.❤️‍🩹 Remember to complete form below if you’re interested in adoption;