Older Only

🙏 TIME SENSITIVE APPEAL We are hoping to help this little lady and need a foster home but with a serious intention to adopt too! Sive is currently at Haven Rescue in Ireland and we would like to confirm transport for her …. arrival 15th October- this coming Saturday!! This girl is very special! 💕 She is approximately 6-7 years old. The girls at Haven can’t be specific as her ear tattoos appear to have been burnt. She has clearly had a very abusive racing life. She is however the sweetest, happiest most chilled girl despite whatever she has been through. Sive is great around medium to large dogs and has very minimal prey drive. She is happy and loves to go for short walks then sleep! WE ARE SAYING OLDER CALMER CHILDREN ONLY She happily shares food and loves going in the car 😍 We want the very best home for this little lady …. to live out her days in comfort with love and companionship ❤️ The Haven girls have summed her up perfectly…. ‘Sive is mad for living her little life then going back to bed…..’ 😁