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Everyone say hi to our next resident..... Simba!💙 This lad is sadly a ‘lockdown puppy’. He is just under 6 months old and had little to no socialisation. However the family did the right thing by bringing him to the rescue so we can start his training and socialisation. Meaning we can also find him a suitable home for all of his needs. 🐶 Simba is a collie pup who is from a working farm.... meaning he needs alot more than just a walk! His brain and body need exercising daily. If you are going to apply for this lad, please make sure you explain in detail on your application how you are going to do this! 👌🏼 He was brought in to our care due to him nipping a young child. However when speaking to the family in more detail it was clear that he was the wrong breed choice for them, on the wrong diet and not having his needs met mentally or Physically and in a totally wrong environment 🐾 This lad has been doing well in a foster home with other resident dogs. He is good over night as he is crate trained and house trained. He loves his food and his toys as well! Simba loves meeting people and travels well too. 💜 We are looking for a home with breed experience and the time to put in to this lad and his training. He is slowly getting better on lead but there’s a long way to go. ‼️ Simba is a 10 plus year commitment!‼️ Please complete the form with as much details as possible if you’re interested in adopting;