Springer spaniel
Older Only

Everyone say hi to our next resident..... Sid!💚 Sid ( 11 week old, springer spaniel) is in our care due to his owners realising they weren’t prepared for a puppy!(No nasty comments please, as they did bring him to a rescue instead of selling him!)đŸ¶ Although Sid is definitely from working lines... and as such will be extremely intelligent and active, as our ethos states we will not be rehoming him to a gun dog working home. We are looking for an home with an understanding of the breed and someone who is willing to put in the effort which is needed. He is going to be very clever and active - mental and psychical stimulation is needed. As always he will be neutered as soon as the vet deems him ready. This lad is going to be EXTREMELY popular. Therefore, please put a lot of detail on your form so we pick the most suitable home for this lad!!âŁïž As a rescue we want to take this opportunity to show people how important breed choice is and the responsibility of getting puppy or a dog. One of the main reasons puppies and dogs end up in rescue is due to the wrong breed choice. Please do your research, make sure you are aware of everything which comes along with owning a puppy/dog!! This is why rescues choose the most suitable homes for their residents - a home which matches the need of the dog - NOT who wants the dog or puppy the most! Also if you’re struggling with a puppy choice you have made, ask a rescue to help - please DONT sell them - you have no idea where they are going or what will happen to them!💔 Please fill in the form below if you’re interested in adoption. However only apply if you have time, patience and energy for a pup.