Akita cross
Older Only

Everyone meet our next resident …. Shelby!🤍 Sadly, Shelby found himself in our care after serving his time in the pound and no one coming forward to claim him. Thankfully we had space to save him.❤️‍🩹 Since arriving our care, he’s caused us no issues whatsoever. He’s just taken everything in his stride. This lad is stunning inside and out and is a calm dude who has ‘been there seen it, done it.’ He really is a walk in the park. 🩵 Shelby is an Akita who is around 4 years old. He has clearly been a much loved pet at some point as he is currently a bit of a chubby lad. He is happy to be handled and enjoys the attention!🖤 So far, he’s been great with the volunteers and enjoyed his walks in the country lanes. He isn’t really bothered by much but loves a good sniff and explore. The extra weight will drop off him in no time.🐾🐾 Shelby travels well and isn’t bothered by traffic. He knows basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘paw’ and loves the odd treat, which he takes gently. We feel he has been groomed regularly in the past as he is comfortable being groomed and his coat is in good condition.😇 Up to now, he has been good on lead around dogs and isn’t reactive at all. He has been happy to walk with or without other dogs and we will be assessing him further during his time with us 🐶 At the vets, he was a good boy and allowed a full health check to take place without an issue. He was more than happy to comply and has passed his healthcheck. Shelby has started his vaccinations, been flead & wormed and is booked in to be neutered too. Hes currently on eye drops due to a small infection and allowed us apply them easily... he really is a soft lad! 🫶🏼 We feel that this lad will be great in a home . He could live with older dog savvy children. We would prefer a home with breed or similar breed experience or a good understanding of the breed and their needs.🏡 Please share this big, cuddle polar bear far and wide so he can find his forever home.🏡🤍 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;