Lab x pug

Everyone meet our next poundie ….. Shadow!🖤 Shadow came in from the pound as an unclaimed stray. However it is clear at some point he was a pet. He knows basic commands and is good all rounder!🐶🖤 This lad is a lab x pug who is only 13.6kg and 2 years old. However he is FULL of energy and character. He is a true adventure dog, he has an abundance of energy and needs someone who can keep up with him!🤪 He adores going out and meeting new people. At first he is strong and excited on lead but soon settles. He loves adventures in new places and will walk for miles!🐾🐾 So far, he’s been great around other dogs. He does get excited but soon settle. The most important thing to Shadow at the moment is his ball and kong.🥎⚾️ He knows basic commands and will play fetch all day! This lad needs a mix of different exercises and stimulation. He needs to go on walks, have off lead time and playtime. Once he does all this he will come and have a cuddle and a Power Nap!🖤 In foster, he has been great with dog Abby older children. He is housetrained and a generally a really good boy!😇🐶💙 Shadow has passed a full healthcheck and had everyone laughing at the vets. He’s started his vaccination and is booked  in to be neutered. 🙌🏽 This lad is good in the car and happy to travel in or out of a crate. He’s so full of fun and mischief, whoever is a lucky enough to adopt him, will never have another dull day.😂😝 Please share this lad so he can find his adventurous humans and his forever home!🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;