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Everyone meet our next poundie …… Seren!⭐️🌟 Sadly, this sweetie found herself as a stray and no one came forward to claim her. She’s around 3 years old and is a small/medium lurcher (whippet cross). Thankfully, we managed to make room for her to come to us after she’s served her stray time. 🐶 Seren loves her cuddles and fusses. She adores being with you and doing whatever you’re doing. She’s desperate to bond with someone. Seren will need someone who’s around alot of the time.🤞🏽💛 This girl travels wells and happily jumps in and out of the car. Sadly she was adopted and then returned after 48 hours for being dog reactive on lead. The adopters wouldn’t work with us and get to the bottom of this. However since being in foster and walking on a head collar, she’s feeling more confident in her handler and has made a huge improvement. She’s still learning and reacting to some but is easy to manage and walks on well when corrected. The fosters have stated in a short space of time the level of improvement is great.🐾 Seren loves her walks and is an active girl. She’s a typical lurcher who adores her food and comfy bed too. She’s more than happy to be left for a few hours as well! 😍 This lady’s happy to be handled and has passed a full health check. Everyone at the vets loved her. Shes now been spayed 🫶🏼 Seren deserves a life full of fun and love. She is a happy girl who loves company, comfy beds and her food. It’s not too much to ask for really, is it? 🐶⭐️ Foster update; A few words about Seren. Seren is a joy; playful, loving and full of character. She loves to chew her toys and race around the garden with absolute abandon. She's great in the car, so exploring new places is not a problem and if your plans can't include her she can be left alone for a few hours to catch up on her sleep safe in the knowledge that she may chew her toys but won't touch your stuff. She walks well on the lead and now she is relaxed and feels safe, mostly ignores other dogs. Often, when a dog comes to us for a few weeks as a foster dog, they are in a bad way. This is not what happened this time. Seren has been misunderstood. Yes, she sometimes reacts to seeing other dogs, but in the few weeks she's been with us we have never seen an aggressive response to anything. She just wants to say hello and be everyone's pal. She doesn't give her heart easily though, and at first was standoffish and spent a lot of time on her own. She growls, which can be disconcerting, but that's just her way of communicating, growling can be frustration, excitement or just plain old playfulness. She comes up on the sofa sometimes and growls. We've come to translate that as, "I like it here, let's play". So if you want a steadfast companion, Seren maybe the dog for you. She'll be uncertain at first, so a guiding hand might be needed. She can be skittish so gentle but firm is the way forward but once she knows the rules and gives her heart, she's yours.