Collie x

Everyone meet our next resident.... Scout!💙 Scout is a brilliant lad with a lot of potential. He is a 1 year old collie cross. He is a big lad who’s had very little lead work. However in every other way he is a big bungle of fun!🧡 Since he has been in our foster care; we have found scout is just a big puppy. Everything is amazing! Scout is going to make someone very happy. He needs an active home with someone who has experience of collies or High energy and highly intelligent breeds. We are starting to slowly get him used to his head collar as well. 🐾 Sadly this boy hasnt had as much input as he needed so we are doing some more training with him to bring him up to scratch. He is a very fast learner! 🙏🏼 Scout has previously lived with another dog without an issue. He travels well in a car and loves adventures. He has been around older children but can knock smaller children over as he is still a big puppy!🙈 With the right home, this lad could go a very long way! 🙂 We will do another update soon. Please share.🤞🏼 Please compete the form below if you interested in adoption with as much detail as possible;