Cocker spaniel
Older Only

Everyone meet our next poundie….. Sandy!💔❤️‍🩹 This girl is a true heartbreaker, who has truly been let down by humans. She was found as a stray and then served her 7 days period in council kennels, then came in to our care. We are going to get her back to health and then find her that forever home she deserves!🫶🏼 It was clear when she arrived that this girl has hand been dealt a very bad hand! Sandy is a 2 year old cocker spaniel who has clearly had a litter or two. She is a shy girl who was head shy at the beginning. Once she trusts you, she adores you. 😇 Sadly, it’s very clear this girl has gone through trauma. Sandy has a very badly broken leg from high impact injury. This is old injury which hasn’t been treated. We are working with our vets making the best plan for Sandy, at the moment she’s on anti biotics and her leg is infected. We are reviewing with the vets in 10 days and making a plan from here. 🤞🏽 Apart from this, she is a healthy girl who adores cuddles and loves. Sandys been spotless in the house and loves to be wherever you are. She doesn’t allow her leg to hold her back. Sandy has started playing with toys and enjoying her life. This girl loves being the car and looking out the window !😍 Someone is going to be extremely lucky to adopt this girl!❤️‍🩹 At this stage we are taking applications but she won’t be going anywhere yet. So please don’t chase up your application. Please share far and wide. Remember to complete the form if you’re interested in adoption;