Jack Russel
Older Only

Everyone meet our next poundie …. Sam!💔 Sam is a 16 year old Jack Russell who sadly found himself at the pound. He clearly couldn’t be a stray so was dumped at the age of 16 years old!💔💔 This little lad has been great since arriving in our care. He hasn’t put a paw wrong. He went straight in to foster and hasn’t looked back. 🏡❤️‍🩹 Sam is good with people and other dogs. However, he can panic if another dogs rushes at him. His eye sight is typical of a 16 year old, it’s not the best. He adores his walks and loves the fire!💛 At the vets, he was a good boy and allowed a full assessment to happen. He weighs 5.5kg. He is currently coughing and the vets think it’s due to a kennel cough vaccination he had at the pound. However, they were happy with his overall health, considering his age. Clearly he has age-related issues, stiff joints etc. He is going back to the vets in a week to see how he is getting on. 🤞🏽🙌🏽 In the foster home, he has been a gentleman. He is good with visitors and adores the garden. Sam loves a good sniff and exploring new areas. He travels well and is happy to be handled. 💛 Please share this amazing lad so he has the chance to find his retirement home. 🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you are interested in adoption.